Who we are?

With a strong background of its founding members of more than 10 years in large scale event management, Persopolis Events Group is a company built around the concept of event Services.

As part of the highly regarded Persopolis Events Group our focus is always on quality and value for money when providing worldwide event management services Persopolis Events Group offer a comprehensive, personalized  service for each and every project, whether corporate, or private. Never a dull day, we treat each new request as a challenge to firstly, find the perfect venue and secondly, offer the most stream-lined and luxurious solution for within your budget.

Outstanding presenters, visual artists, designers, fusion, facilitators, musicians, communicators, magicians, you name it – we have it all.

You will be amazed with our unparalleled focus on your needs as our client, our creative minds and our endless energy in making things happen. Give us 13% benefit of doubt that we can do it, and we will surprise you with a creative yet budget friendly concept for your company’s needs.


Persopolis Events Group colleagues make good companies great. Whether you want to motivate, entertain or innovate, our events offer outstanding outcomes to take your organization forward. Our specialty is offering a truly personalized service that combines fun with faultless planning & execution.


From our passion for event, we designed and we organize some of the most appreciated B2B events in Romania.

We constantly develop our own concepts, which cover today’s hot topics in technology, digital strategies and innovation. Check-out below our experience and visit each event’s dedicated websites for more details

Creative and Professional Meetings

It’s not always a case of four suited and booted directors nattering in a boardroom. Persopolis Events Group have experience in organising simple corporate meetings to building-wide meeting days for businesses of all kinds. Whether the meeting content is aimed at clients, team members, or potential investors, relay your message as effectively as possible by using our professional event management expertise. Brand your venue to bring delegates into a fully-focused space, or introduce exciting team building elements to make their day more memorable.

Our top tips for making your meetings less tedious?

  • Choose a beautiful space with lots of light.
  • Make sure you know the food is going to be good.
  • Introduce an unexpected speaker.
  • Ensure decor is muted, but add flowers and other happiness-inducing props to boost morale.
  • Always make sure you are persoinally greeted at the entrance to the venue- this gets your day off to the perfect start
  • Offer branded pens and stationary, rather than those of the venue.
  • Unlimited coffee!
  • Always check dietaries in advance- no waiting for the caterers to come up with a last minute gluten free option.
  • Have your technology set-up for you before you enter the room, start with an eye catching video.


Have Persopolis Events Group looks after your “extras”- Someone unexpectedly ordered wine with lunch rather than the beverages provided in the delegate package? Don’t panic, this will be added to your final balance to be paid after the event to Persopolis Events Group , so no embarrassing the cheeky culprit while paying your bill.

Successful and Stress-free Conferences & Exhibitions

Our expert conferences & exhibitions team will work around you so quickly and efficiently, you won’t even know they’re there. So you’ve arrived on-site and your displays are set up, representatives are taken care of and the catering’s sorted? Must be some of that

So you’ve arrived on-site and your displays are set up, representatives are taken care of and the catering’s sorted? Must be some of that   Persopolis Events Group  magic.

What can Persopolis Events Group do to help?

For starters, offer you a FREE face-to-face consultation to determine the details of your event!*

  •   Full venue finding service anywhere in the Romania
  •   Design, production and delivery of suitable marketing
  •   Organsing Event Tech to allow delegates to register without fuss
  •   AV equipment hire and delivery
  •   All invites and printed materials such as brochures and timetables designed and delivered
  •   Production of stands, stalls and venue decoration/theming
  •   Host and wait staff sourcing
  •   Speakers and Commentators to keep your event running smoothly and on-time
  •   Promotional merchandise design and delivery
  •   Logistical organization of workshop timetabling
  •   Full branding of venue and stands to ensure memorability
  •   Purchasing of equipment such as iPads for all stand holders
  •   Liaising with venue on catering
  •   Organising EventTech to analyse the impact of different event elements on the day
  •   Suggesting ideas of ways to make the event more exciting on the day
  •   Organising giveaways and competitions and sourcing prizes
  •   Reviewing the event with the client in order to make next year even more successful!

Face- to-face consultations are available anywhere in Romania, if you are outside of this we can arrange an alternative method of consultation that suits you.

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